Implants used in the orthopedic market must be delivered safely and improve patient comfort and quality of life. Our engineers specialize in creating solutions that make patients’ lives safer.

Protective Packaging Solutions

Internal/External Fixation Devices

Knee Replacements

Hip Replacements

Spinal Implants

Allograft Implants

Surgical instruments

When an orthopedic implant is brought into the operating room, there can be no question about the integrity of the packaging. At UFP MedTech we specialize in providing customized orthopedic implant packaging that meets the specifications and standards of the medical industry. We develop and manufacture solutions made from advanced medical grade materials that are compatible with autoclave, gamma, and EtO sterilization methods that offer sterile barrier protection and aseptic presentation in the operating room. Our orthopedic packaging systems can also reduce tooling costs and inventory by giving you the flexibility to incorporate multiple medical products within a single package.

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