Interventional & Surgical Medical Device Solutions

UFP MedTech’s single-use devices and components for interventional and surgical procedures play a key role in less pain, shorter hospital stays and fewer complications for patients.

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Robotic Assisted Surgical Drapes and Equipment Covers

Surgical Instrument Packaging

Immobilizers and Positioning Devices

Wound Retractors Systems

Surgical Ports

Urinary Control Systems

Specialty Catheters


At UFP MedTech we specialize in custom solutions to improve surgical systems for the top medical device manufacturers in the industry. For minimally invasive (MIS) robotic surgery devices, maintaining a sterile barrier between the surgical device and outside contaminates is of paramount importance. Just as a surgeon needs to wear gloves during a procedure, the articulated design of a robotic system needs covers and drapes as a barrier between it and the patient.

Many MIS procedures involve the use of laparoscopic surgical instruments in which surgical intervention is done through small incisions with the use of surgical ports. With our expertise in flexible materials we help our clients create solutions such as inflatable dissection and immobilization balloons as well as the access systems and ports utilized to position these devices during procedures.

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