An orthopedic implant to replace a failing hip or knee. A temperature-control pad to keep patients stable during surgery. Systems to minimize infection and promote healing. These are the types of applications in which UFP MedTech plays a critical role.

Infection Control

With our expertise in advanced materials for infection control and prevention, we help our customers create solutions to minimize hospital-acquired infections (HAI) and enhance patient safety.
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Protective Packaging

Our solutions are made from advanced medical grade materials that are compatible with autoclave, gamma, and EtO sterilization methods. They offer sterile barrier protection along with puncture and abrasion resistance.
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Surfaces & Support

From beds to positioning devices to temperature control pads, UFP MedTech creates optimized solutions through our vast expertise with foams, films and fabrics as well as fabrication methods such as compression molding, thermoplastic joining, lamination, and die cutting.
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Interventional & Surgical

UFP MedTech’s devices and components for interventional and surgical procedures play a key role in less pain, shorter hospital stays and fewer complications for patients.
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Our therapeutic devices promote faster recovery from surgery or injury as well as assisting in activities of daily living.
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New materials and components are continuously being developed to support this rapidly growing industry. In collaboration with our clients, we’ve been on the forefront of designing and manufacturing low profile covers and enclosures for wearable medical devices.
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Wound Care

Our negative pressure wound therapy products (NPWT), wound moisture barriers, and hydrophilic solutions for exudate absorption assist and speed up the body’s natural healing process.
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We help our customers innovate as they develop and improve new and existing products. We provide solutions such as components for imaging and test equipment and cushioning for x-ray procedures.
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