Infection Control

With our expertise in advanced materials for infection control and prevention, we help our customers create solutions to minimize hospital-acquired infections (HAI) and enhance patient safety.

Patient and Equipment Drapes

Applicators (CHG, Isopropyl Alcohol, Iodine)

Luer and Injection Ports

Disinfecting Cleaners

Surgical Prep Sponges

Clean Room Wipes & Mops

Oral Care

Waste Management

At UFP MedTech we understand that infection control and prevention is a top priority for our customers. Working with our clients we design and develop innovative solutions that meet the unique standards of health professionals. We also provide our customers with cleanroom manufactured solutions to eliminate particulates and ensure low microbial levels. These solutions are made from a range of medical grade materials that are compatible with multiple sterilization methods to ensure the integrity of the finished product.

Our expertise with a wide range of medical grade flexible materials along with our extensive knowledge of their unique properties allows us to develop an optimized solution for your particular project.

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