Medical Mounting Cards

Medical mounting cards are used to position and secure medical instruments and devices within a sterile barrier package to ensure sterility throughout the supply chain.

UFP MedTech’s mounting cards, also known as backer cards, HDPE cards, die cut inserts, or insert cards, are designed to safely and securely hold medical instruments and devices utilizing die cut retainment features such as tabs, loops, and straps. Manufactured from thin, lightweight high-density polyethylene (HDPE), mounting cards are a cost-effective and space saving packaging alternative to trays and other commonly used medical packaging options.

Due to their thin, flat, flexible design, mounting cards pair easily with Poly/Tyvek pouches to provide a double barrier packaging system.

With extensive design knowledge and experience, combined with tightly controlled quality management systems and ISO Class 7 and ISO Class 8 cleanrooms production environments, we can provide you with a packaging solution to meet your specific requirements.

For medical devices that may require an extra level of sterile barrier protection, our FlexShield® thermoplastic polyurethane film (TPU) medical packaging provides outstanding puncture and abrasion resistance when paired with mounting cards.






Medical Tubing

Laparoscopic Devices

Laboratory Instruments

Securing Options

  • Tabs – commonly used as a retention feature for lightweight applications such as guidewires.
  • Slots – ideal for securing devices and instruments such as trocars, needles, catheters and more.
  • Protective folds – provides additional protection for sensitive medical devices and instruments.
  • Straps – used to securely hold larger medical devices and tubing.

Why Mounting Cards?

Our medical mounting cards offer several advantages over packaging alternatives, such as thermoformed trays.

Space Saving

Space Saving

Thin HDPE material stores and ships flat, providing significant space savings.

Cost Effective


Reduced tooling and material costs.

Speed to market

Quick Turnaround

Rapid prototyping. Get your product to market faster. 24 to 72 hour turnaround.



HDPE is 100% recyclable.

Material Details

Our mounting cards are manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE) which is ideal for medical packaging applications due to its lightweight, low-profile, flexible and crack resistance properties.

  • Gauges:
    • 0.020″ (0.51 mm)
    • 0.023″ (0.58 mm)
    • 0.028″ (0.71 mm)
    • 0.035″ (0.89 mm)
  • Colors: White
  • Finishes: Matte and Gloss
  • Printing available (silk screen, hot stamp, laser ink jet)
  • USP Class VI Certified Resin
  • Compliant with FDA Requirements

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