UFP MEDTECH Brand Video Transcript

Now more than ever, creating the next medical device innovation takes a combination of skilled precision and careful acceleration.  

Every decision matters. 

But the one decision that matters most is selecting a partner that can take a device from idea to implementation, quickly. Without sacrificing quality.  

UFP MedTech is uniquely positioned to offer that. 

With more than 55 years of experience and a growing network of industry leaders, our single-use and single-patient device capabilities span all the expertise areas necessary to meet the unique demands of the market.  

design – engineering – prototyping – materials selection – quality – manufacturing – supply chain management 

While most medical manufacturing companies focus on one aspect of development, UFP delivers more.  

We understand the sense of urgency and importance of choosing a trusted ally that can help mitigate risk, reduce cost, and most importantly improve patient outcomes. Choose full-service, at full-speed, and be fully On the Pulse of Innovation.  

Choose UFP MedTech.