Surgical & Robotics

UFP MedTech is a leading innovator and supplier of custom molded sterile barrier components for surgical robotics.

Sterility & Protection for Surgical Robotic Devices

  • Maintaining a microbial barrier
  • Improving draping to prevent puncture from sharp instrumentation
  • Protecting patients and vital device components

Maintaining a sterile barrier between your robotic surgical device and outside contaminates is of paramount importance.  Thin, plastic drapes are commonly used as a sterile barrier before, during, and after a surgical procedure.  With the complexity of robotic devices, there can be a lot of moving parts that can easily puncture standard drapes – compromising the sterile barrier.

An industry proven method to solve this issue is to incorporate durable, disposable covers and protection components within your drapes.  This will strengthen any potential weak points.

As the leading innovator and supplier of custom molded sterile barrier components for surgical robotics, UFP MedTech has the expertise to develop a solution for your instrumentation.

How this is accomplished:

  • Our engineers custom design parts to fit your instrumentation
  • Medical-grade films that provide sterile barrier and puncture resistance are utilized
  • Parts are precision molded within a cleanroom in an ISO 13485:2003 certified facility

UFP MedTech has the materials, engineering team, and manufacturing capabilities to help you make your products better and get them to market faster.

Material Details


UFP MedTech has access to a vast amount of advanced medical-grade materials.  For surgical robotic devices we utilize our FlexShield® thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) film, details:

  • USP Class VI resin
  • Complies with FDA Regulatory Standards: 21CFR 177.1680 & 177.2600
  • Meets the following biocompatibility requirements:
    • ISO 10993-5 ME Elution Cytotoxicity
    • ISO 10993-10 Irritation-Intracutaneous Reactivity Testing
    • ISO 10993-11 Acute Systemic Toxicity Testing
    • ISO 10993-11 Pyrogenicity Testing
  • Compatible with EtO and Gamma sterilization
  • Third-party biocompatibility, sterilization, and accelerated aging test data available
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