Surgical Robot Equipment Drapes & Sterile Equipment Covers

Prevent infections while maintaining precision with UFP MedTech’s custom designed surgical robotic draping systems and equipment covers.

For over two decades, UFP MedTech and DAS Medical, a UFP Technologies Company have pioneered the development of surgical robot draping systems and sterile equipment covers.

Our disposable equipment drapes provide the highest level of protection throughout a full range of motion preserving the sterile barrier with proven USP Class VI materials that are puncture resistant yet highly flexible.

Our complete custom drape assembly solutions help mitigate infections, protect healthcare workers, and improve patient outcomes.


We specialize in the design, development, and manufacturing of single-use robotic draping systems and surgical equipment covers as well as assembly and sterile packaging for a variety of applications including:

  • Robotic Surgical Systems
  • Robotic End Effectors or Arms
  • Camera Mounts
  • Cannula Adapters
  • Sterile Adapters
  • Actuation Components
  • Surgical Ports
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Our Expertise

UFP MedTech has the engineering expertise, material knowledge, and precision medical device & sterile packaging manufacturing capabilities to deliver the most comprehensive surgical equipment covers and robotic draping systems in the market today.

Full Scale Models

We have the unique capability to create fully functional, full scale models of your surgical robot. This speeds up the development of draping systems and can be used for customer demos, human factors, and industrial design.

Speed to market

Speed to Market


Customer Demos


Human Factors & Industrial Design

Sterimed Standard Equipment Covers

Sterimed is our standard line of sterile disposable equipment covers used in hospitals and surgery centers, primarily in cardiac catheterization labs, x-ray departments, and operating rooms. Our vast catalog of standard equipment covers allows us to provide fast delivery and eliminate the need for costly and time consuming design and development. With a diverse range of products, we offer comprehensive solutions to meet your facility’s needs.
  • Image intensifiers
  • Lead shields
  • Microscopes and more
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