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Published June 15, 2023

Infection Prevention Solutions that Enhance Patient Health & Safety

UFP MedTech’s dedicated medical team is committed to continuously seeking new materials and new processes in order to provide our medical customers with the most effective and efficient solutions that meet their precise needs.  One of our focuses within the constantly changing and evolving medical field lies in infection prevention.  We create a broad range of infection prevention solutions using  advanced foams and specialty films that provide protection from microbial organisms.

Our engineers were just recently tasked with creating an infection prevention solution for a leading medical manufacturer.   As an alternative to alcohol pads, the manufacturer had designed a friction scrub pad as a means to disinfect IV injection pores more efficiently.  They came to us seeking a material that could disperse an alcohol cleaning solution without tearing or breaking down during storage or use.   Our engineers were able to research and identify the optimal material that could provide such unique properties and achieve the desired outcome.  Our team was also able to design and build custom high-speed fabrication equipment to manufacture the scrub pad and ensure its quality.

Working alongside our customers, we were able to create the optimal cleaning pad that served to minimize infection and enhance patient safety.   We were able to make significant contributions to improving this process thanks to our industry knowledge, engineering expertise, access to advanced materials and clean room manufacturing environments.  UFP MedTech made for a valuable partner for our customers, in our ability to manufacture such a unique component, as well as in our ability to manufacture the product in large quantities.  This helped to accelerate the product’s time to market due, resulting in a pleased customer and proud engineers here at UFP MedTech.

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