Published August 15, 2023

FlexShield® Medical Device Pouch in Action


FlexShield is UFP MedTech’s latest innovation for medical device packaging. It is a pouch used to protect medical instruments and provide puncture and abrasion resistance to an external sterile barrier. This video demonstrates how a medical instrument is loaded into the FlexShield and how the instrument is removed just before use.

FlexShield is unique because it solves a common problem. During transportation, a medical device that has some pointy or sharp edges can puncture or scratch the sterile barrier. Once the sterile barrier has been compromised the instrument is no longer usable  This can cost valuable time and money to send the instrument back to the manufacturer. FlexShield is made out of a tough Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) Film that is puncture and abrasion resistant. A perforation across the middle of the pouch allows for easy opening and an aseptic presentation when the medical instrument is ready to be used.

Learn more about Flexshield.

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